It is our goal to provide a wide variety of activities & constantly work to improve the quality of these activities.  We want to give you, the camper, an experience you will never forget!


Summer Activities and Camp Features

Chapel /Cabin Talks

Casual times to learn & share...

Zip Line. Volley Ball. BMX Biking


Laser Tag

Laser tag is a part of each camp & offers adventure, strategy & team building for all ages out on the paintball fields.

Tuck & Pool Times

What needs to be said??  Water. Sunshine. Slurpees!!


Archery &/or Sling Shot Competitions

Archery Tag for those a bit more competitive!

How good is your aim?

Outdoor Adventures

In the 'wilds' of LBC.  Nature.  Camp setting.  

Crafts & Rocketry... made by you!

Fun ideas & competitions...


Extreme they can be!

Climbing Wall

How high can you go?


Fun songs. Sharing. Songs of meaning. Talk... always a highlight!

Axe Throwing

A plastic version for younger participants & the real thing to challenge your aim!


 Great Meals - our cooks do spoil us!!


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