Update:  Cabin reno work has been completed! THANK YOU for each donation given to help LBC complete that work!

CURRENT BUILDING PROJECT...  CHAPEL & RAINY DAY ROOM FOR CAMPERS TO PLAY!  Project fundraising goal:  $96,000... Stage #1:  $30,000

Still needed:  $5,900 by May 18th to reach that $30,000 goal and start work to make that building usable for this year's 2024 camp season.  

Last year a quonset was gifted to LBC that we hope to convert into a chapel and all-purpose room where campers can play on a rainy day.  It's a building so needed!  PLEASE pray with us as we work to reach that goal!

 CAN YOU HELP US?  Each donation is receipted for tax purposes and helps us do camp better.  If you value the work LBC does building into the hearts & lives of youth from our communities, please consider a donation.  Donations can be mailed to:  LBC, Box 71, Luseland, SK  S0L 2A0 or e-transferred to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Interior and exterior work on the quonset building to be used for a chapel and rainy day all purpose room.  Plans to complete as funds become available.  NEEDED $96,000


    • Cabins - two more buildings housing 4 new cabins
    • Waterslide for our pool
    • Siding that old alliance church building

The list could go on… but you get the idea & we hope you appreciate seeing the upgrades, renos and new buildings built to compliment our camp setting.  

TO THOSE WHO GIVE, thank you and please continue to give of your time, help, prayer and money which builds into the hearts and lives of children and youth in our communities.  We sincerely thank you and give all praise to God!!!




Luseland Brochure 2024